Scott Adams: cartoonist and creator of the Dilbert comic strip and American nonfiction author.

Born: June 8, 1957

Never being held back by his dyslexia, Scott Adams was valedictory of Windham High School prior to earning his MBA at the University of California, Berkley.  Along the way he became a member of Mensa and trained as a hypnotist.  He also worked as a software developer for a decade prior to launching his incredibly successful Dilbert cartoon in 1989.  Today he is the CEO of  Scott Adams Food, Inc. and a co-owner of Stacey’s Café in Pleasanton, California.

Adams credits his huge success in life to his belief in personal affirmations and positive thinking.  His satirical work, The Dilbert Principle was originally designed to poke fun at corporate America and its hierarchy.  Today it is required reading in many business schools around the country, proving one of Adams’ observations about success.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.

To be fair, Adams does not limit his biting sarcasm to remarks about large corporations.  He has also been known to turn his sharp wit on himself.  He has even used positive humor to develop his views on his learning difficulties and those of others.  Adams has observed, “There is nothing more dangerous than a resourceful idiot.”

While he is obviously not an idiot, Scott Adams has certainly proved the power of resourcefulness in both his career and life.

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