Sid Meier: Canadian game designer.

Born: February 24, 1954

While the other kids were reading stories in books in school, young Sid Meier was imagining them in his head.  But how could he ever tell his stories?  With his problems reading and writing, no one would have predicted that he would one day rise to fame in a world of computer games that had not yet been created.  Today, as a member of the Academy of Interactive Arts Hall of Fame, Meier is at the center of a universe of his own creation.  His Civilization games are best sellers, with fans constantly clamoring for more.

Dyslexia is a major asset in the world of video game design, as it allows the designer to see things as they might be rather than how they are.  Meier is able to imagine castles and soldiers and battles, to see them in his head long before they are ever on anyone’s screen.   He no longer has to concern himself about spelling.  He can hire less creative, more “normal” people to handle those details.  He just has to keep his gifted dyslexic mind working on new adventures for his fans.

Actually, we have lots of ideas we want to act on. Now, it’s just a matter of timing and human resources in figuring out how to make it all happen.

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