King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

Born:  April 30, 1946

From childhood, Gustaf XVI of Sweden kept his dyslexia a well guarded secret until he was king.  His wife, Queen Silvia, described his struggles.

When he was little, people did not pay attention to the problem. He didn’t get the help he     needed.

Today, Sweden leads the way in much of the technological innovations of our time.

Innovation and scientific advancements has always been distinguished features in Sweden.  My country is known as the home of ground-breaking and scientific discoveries.

In a recent speech, King Gustaf praised his country’s educational system.

First, a good education system giving all children access to high quality education.  An open minded approach to knowledge as well as well a stimulating capacity for creative thinking are quite the factors for a country’s ability to produce first class engineers, scientists and innovators.

Hopefully Sweden will lead the way in developing more methods and technological support for those with learning disabilities.

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