Patrick Dempsey: American TV and movie star.

Born:  January 30, 1966

No one would have predicted that young Patrick Dempsey would one day be an international heartthrob.

My friends called me ‘Amoeba’ until junior high. I didn’t really start growing until I left high            school.

When Dempsey started acting, he went into auditions thinking about more than how his hair looked or if he was tall enough for the role.  After having struggled in school throughout his life, Dempsey also wondered if he would be able to read the script.  He sympathizes with those who have been challenged by a learning disability.

Dyslexia really hurt me during auditions. There was a 10-year period where I had to memorize pages of dialogue and invest so much of my time and energy into every audition, going in knowing I wouldn’t get it anyway.

Though initially discouraged, the rugged handsome actor who plays Dr. Shepherd on the blockbuster TV hit Grey’s Anatomy persevered and now enjoys the benefits of working with a close cast who have his back.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of Gray’s Anatomy, remembers when they first started working together.

I actually thought that he didn’t like the scripts from the way he approached the readings.  When I found out, I completely understood his hesitation. Now that we all know, if he is struggling with a word, the other actors are quick to step up and help him out. Everyone is very respectful.

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