John Skoyles, neuroscientist

You exist because your big brain was “hot” as a child. Simply, your 20W adult brain used 30W of energy between four and nine years of age. This is due to SPEND (Synaptic Prolonged Expensive Neurodevelopment). Paleoanthropologists ignore this neuroscience, and its key role in making us smart. Here the jig-saw puzzle of your origins is explained.

Even though his brain was hot as a child, John Skoyles received a cold reception at school.

I went to school with a machine gun in my brain. I hated teachers. I was dyslexic. I pissed my pants and wetted the floor. When primary school year two came—they would not let me go up. Not ready, they said—“Mentally retarded”. Somehow my curiosity survived. I had to learn to break the rules. Spit out the educational crap. Keep the howitzers of my imagination ready.

Today he has found a way to harness his “brain guns” into some of the most amazing ideas on psychological evolution ever written.

I go on ten day retreats three times a year. Ten days of no words… In that stillness awareness opens. You—whatever that it is, if it is—does not have to be important or unimportant—all things are precious and just dust in the air. Nothing has a name.  Nothing needs to be said.

So I am moving on.  Decommissioning the machine gun in my brain.  Making safe my howitzers.

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