Helen Taussig: doctor and medical researcher in pediatric cardiology.

Born:  May 24, 1898

Died:  May 20, 1986

Like many other women of her time in history, Helen Taussig gave up her chance to have a family on her own in order to serve the family of mankind.  Originally thought to be slow, and unable to learn, she went on to become a doctor, medical researcher and leader in the investigation into “blue baby syndrome” in which infants were born with heart defects.  She was also one of the first American doctors to warn women of the potential harm of certain medications if they were taken during pregnancy.

Her friend and colleague Jeanne Stevenson remembers

It has been observed that Helen Brooke Taussig was involved in ‘women’s liberation’ long before the term was coined. She got into and through medical school, won ‘male-dominated appointments,’ and battled ‘medical and male chauvinism’ throughout her lifetime.  And significantly, Helen B. Taussig is ‘revered by students and colleagues not only as a fine teacher and doctor, full of compassion for her small patients, but as a woman as well.’

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