Guy Stuart Ritchie: British film star & film director.

Born: 10 September 1968

As a child, Guy Ritchie knew he was different from the other children in school but he did not know why.  It was not until adulthood that he discovered the caused of his difficulties with reading and writing.  By then he had dropped out of school without graduating and had even done a turn as a day laborer.

By the time I found out I was dyslexic, I didn’t give a hoot. Even when IQ tests showed that I was bright, I wasn’t interested. I found out so early that I couldn’t do schoolwork that I was just interested in being disruptive.

Fortunately for anyone who saw him in the blockbuster 2009 version of Sherlock Holmes, Ritchies’ inability to read the stories did not stop him from knowing them and learning them well.

I was very fluent in all the [Holmes] stories since I was a boy.  I used to listen to them on tape before I could read so I knew them very well.

In fact, because he was able to focus on the words he was hearing rather than trying to read, he was able to form a mental image of how Holmes should look and move and think.

Funny enough, I’ve never seen any of the other previous productions so I have no visual reference for Sherlock Holmes….I have no sort of baggage that I bring with it.  It’s really how I saw Conan Doyles’ Holmes and Watson.

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