Jørn Utzon: architect who designed Sydney Opera house
Born April 19, 1918
Died November 29, 2008
What Big Ben is to England and the Eiffel Tower is to France the Sydney Opera House is to Australia. Ironically, the man who created the ultimate symbol of modern Australia was not Australian, he was Danish. And, even more ironically, the designer of this amazing feat of engineering was also not an engineer, he was an architect.

Though differences in vision between Utzon and the Australian government nearly destroyed his career back in the 1960s, the two parties made amends when the Utzon Room, overlooking Sydney harbor, was created at the Opera House in 2004. Utzon said

The fact that I’m mentioned in such a marvelous way, it gives me the greatest pleasure and satisfaction,” Utzon, who rarely agreed to interviews or made public appearances in connection with his work, wrote in a statement at the time. “I don’t think you can give me more joy as the architect. It supersedes any medal of any kind that I could get and have got.