English chef, restaurant owner and TV personality.

Born: December 11, 1961

The son of one chef, the younger brother of another, Marco White grew up in circumstances limited by money but expanded by great food.  After years of difficulty learning, he left high school without graduating and began his training as a chef at the famous Hotel St. George in North Yorkshire.  At the tender age of 16 he joined the staff Le Gavroche as an apprentice to the pastry chef.  He opened his own restaurant in 1987 and received his first Michelin star the same year.  Two more stars quickly followed, making him at 33 the youngest chef to have ever earned 3 Michelin stars.  After retiring from cooking in 1999, White turned his attention to several restaurants he owned with others and then, a few years later, to television.  In 2007 he starred as the head chef of Britain’s Hell’s Kitchen.  The following year he hosted The Chopping Block.

So, how does a dyslexic boy growing up in council housing and leaving school at age 15, accomplish all this?  The answer is clear.

Like many people with a handicap, I compensated elsewhere. When I had difficulty with spelling and reading, I concentrated on mathematics and sports. However back in class, I found traditional teaching methods such as standing up and reading aloud in class pure torture. Dyslexia gave me a different way of looking at things. A compulsion to dissect ideas and concepts from every possible angle has stayed with me.