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King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

Born:  April 30, 1946

From childhood, Gustaf XVI of Sweden kept his dyslexia a well guarded secret until he was king.  His wife, Queen Silvia, described his struggles.

When he was little, people did not pay attention to the problem. He didn’t get the help he     needed.

Today, Sweden leads the way in much of the technological innovations of our time.

Innovation and scientific advancements has always been distinguished features in Sweden.  My country is known as the home of ground-breaking and scientific discoveries.

In a recent speech, King Gustaf praised his country’s educational system.

First, a good education system giving all children access to high quality education.  An open minded approach to knowledge as well as well a stimulating capacity for creative thinking are quite the factors for a country’s ability to produce first class engineers, scientists and innovators.

Hopefully Sweden will lead the way in developing more methods and technological support for those with learning disabilities.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles: heir to the throne of Great Britain.

Born: November 14, 1948

Being a Prince and Heir Apparent gave Prince Charles access to all the tools available to help him learn to read.  Even so, he struggled in school, often hating his classes.  In 2007, Prince Charles began The Prince’s Teaching Institute Schools Programme to help other children who have suffered similar problems.

I happen to believe there is a desperate need to re-inspire teachers, to encourage the teaching of bodies of knowledge and to recapture some of the timeless principles of teaching which are so essential, at the end of the day, to the proper appreciation of the world we inhabit. There are some critics and commentators who would have us believe that the whole system in this country has become so far removed from the basic tenets of what constitutes a good education that it is too far gone to do anything about.

I set up my Teaching Institute to focus on the teachers and in turn the pupils because, as one policymaker put it recently, and I paraphrase; “The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of the teachers”.

So perhaps it is important just to remember that what marks out a teacher at the end of the day is the commitment not only to know one’s subject, but to share it; to enthuse about it and to excite others about it. You are not, if I may say so, just subject specialists. You are also actors, storytellers and ambassadors for your subjects.

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice: Elder daughter of the Duke of York.

Born August 8, 1988

I have been given circumstances that anyone would wish for and I do believe that I must do something good with it.

As a little girl who was legally also a little princess, Beatrice led a somewhat charmed life.  Even her parent’s divorce created no serious grief.  Her only problem was at school, for Beatrice was the little princess who could not read.

That was one of the reasons why I came out publicly to let people know I am dyslexic. It was my decision to do that because it is a problem helped by more people knowing about it.

She worked hard with special tutors and today is living her royal life to its fullest.

I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s.  I love being who I am and feel very happy with that.

I want to go forward and into…the new generation and really get the word out.

I’ve been given my job to make a difference and I want to use my job to spread a little happiness.

Being the person I am…I get to experience life and so I can share it with so many people.

She offers this encouragement to others who want to make a difference.

If you start small and build on something it can become huge.

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